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Brainstorm Blog

Resourceful Information On The Indian Stock Market, Our Trading Platforms, Trading Psychology, Useful Books And More.
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10 Common Trading Mistakes That You Must Avoid In The Stock Market

Trading mistakes are common and inevitable. As they say, a large part of “experience” is a result of learning from our mistakes. To be a successful and sustainable trader, it is not just important to analyse your performance, but also... (More)

Introducing FYERS API Bridge

After we have launched our trading API to address the novel requirements of the Algo trading fraternity, we are delighted to announce the launch of FYERS API Bridge in succession to the API. With the launch our of API Bridge,... (More)

30 Day Challenge – New Badge Of Honours

Since the inception of the FYERS 30 Day Challenge, thousands of traders have attempted it and overtime we’ve witnessed its positive impact on the performance and the approach to trading itself. Earlier this year, we introduced Badge Of Honours to... (More)

FYERS Ties Up With Tradetron

In our ongoing efforts to make algo trading accessible to retail traders in India, we’re happy to announce that we’ve joined hands with TradeTron. We’ve synergized to help simplify the experience without having to code anything & also we’ve brought... (More)