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FYERS Direct
FYERS Direct

The platform is crafted to cater to your mutual fund investments in the best way possible. Mutual funds purchased on FYERS Direct will be credited directly to the clients’ demat account and not in any virtual wallet unlike many other platforms out there. Through FYERS, you get the convenience of accessing a holistic portfolio across direct equity and mutual funds. Clients can either trade and/or invest in multiple financial instruments through a single demat account, supporting the ease of transactions.

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SIPs are worth it when:

  1. The markets are volatile, rangebound, and bearish.
  2. You don't have capital saved up for investing.
  3. You're too scared or risk-averse to the market fluctuations.

SIPs are not good in bull markets because your average... (More)

Hey @Satheesh Chandran1,

We send Mutual Funds Statements to clients whenever they purchase MF from our platform, Fyers Direct. However, if you've not received it, you can reach out to us at support@fyers.in3. We will send it to you... (More)

Hi Vishal,

Depending on financial goals and horizon of investment (time period), investments can be done in mutual funds, either through lumpsum or SIP method. Also, investing in lumpsum at high market prices for a short term, might NOT end... (More)