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It is an advanced trading platform that will help you make informed trading decisions. Some of the unique features in Fyers One are heatmaps, stock screeners, intraday scanners, support & resistance filters, real-time market wide analytics and other key information like FII/DII data, RBI key rates, global markets performance etc. For F&O traders, we have live options chain, options greeks and market wide and stock specific open interest analysis.

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Suggestions for Fyers Web

Can you add this section which is on tradingview into fyers web? This is really helpful for traders, this allows us to have an watch over the market to spot breakouts, and un-usual volume activities, This helps us to discover... (More)

Log In issue

whenere i submit the otp it brings me to this login page again . On 25th march my account got opened and still today my log in issue has not fixed neither any support member reaching out nor customer care... (More)