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What is Fibonacci Retracement?

The Fibonacci tool is used to identify a support or resistance of a particular stock.

Where can you find the Fibonacci Retracement tool it in FYERS?

Go to tools --> Pitchfork --> Fib Retracement, or you... (More)

update "RSI indicator" with "MA"

The best platform I'm using right now but, I would like to request that you please update "RSI indicator" with "MA" . It is very essential for trading. For the only reason I am thinking of changing brokers. Right now... (More)

CPR Indicator

Hi Team,

Kindly request you to add CPR indicator on Fyers Web. It is very uneasy for me to switch between Tradingview and Fyers Web just for one indicator. If you could add this indicator - i wont need to... (More)