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Volume trends - 2nd phase of Peak Margins implementation from March 2021.

March 2021 was dreaded by the broking community due to the significant reduction in intraday leverage (2x) as mandated by SEBI. The first phase of the peak margin implementation that came into effect in December 2020 allowed brokerages to offer... (More)


Some questions when applying Intraday Short Strangle strategy on Nifty index for option traders.

@vishnu bharath

1) When someone does an intraday short strangle on Nifty, theoretically is it the total theta decay for the day on the P&L calculation table they are targeting for?

2) When I do short strangle, I have noticed... (More)

Hey Vishnu,

You can go through the below link for the List of Scrips blocked for Intraday trading:

Note: Few scrips might be missing as it is not fully updated yet. We'll look it up and get it updated.... (More)