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Originally answered to "Hello Team Fyers, 2 Basket orders screenshots attached. Please explain why margin benefit is not provided as Zerodha does? "

Hi @Swadesh Singh3,

The margin required in the first image is the one that is required to place the order. The premium received from the sell orders will be credited to your account on the next trading day, that... (More)

Why EXIT POSITION BUTTON did not work today?

I am option seller, selling with cover order. around 1.03 P.M it was showing of 3500 profit.

I tried exit button but Cover order got closed. Original selling order left open. i tried multiple times to close the open position... (More)

Implementing Order-Level Hedge Benefit – New Margin Policy Framework

As we are aware that with effect from 1st June 2020, NSE’s new Margin Policy Framework has structurally changed how margins are calculated. Therefore, margins for naked positions in F&O will require more margins and hedged positions will require much... (More)