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Margin doubts ?

Bought far OTM CE / PE along with Sell CE / PE

IF we exit the Sell first , is the buy far otm  which are already in account be considered for the Margin benefit for the next trades?

Implementing Order-Level Hedge Benefit – New Margin Policy Framework

As we are aware that with effect from 1st June 2020, NSE’s new Margin Policy Framework has structurally changed how margins are calculated. Therefore, margins for naked positions in F&O will require more margins and hedged positions will require much... (More)

NiftyBees. b'coz you can hedge it with long term option. Single OTM Covered call with dec expiry and portfolio is fully hedged. Trade weekly options with remaining Margin.

Liquid bees is the best instrument to pledge for F&O trading
Here are some benefits-
(1) No matter how the market is performing liquid bees are always at 1k price point and are highly liquid.
(2)The returns are... (More)