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Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX)

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Risk Management & Commodities

Hi Srinitha,

Let's assume the small business is farming and let's look at the farmer who thinks 100kgs of rubber will be ready in the next 3 months. Assume that the spot price of rubber for 100kgs is 60,000/-. After... (More)

Hi Nikhil,

MCX Mini contracts are smaller-sized contracts offered by the Multi Commodity Exchange of India for various commodities such as gold, silver, crude oil, copper, and more. These contracts are designed to cater to the needs of small traders... (More)

Noufal Nazar
Trader | Crypto Enthusiast | Algo-Trading Enthusiast | Commodities

Unpacking the All-Time High Turnover on MCX: Factors and Insights

What do you think contributed to the recent all-time high turnover on MCX? Was it the re-launch of mini contracts, favorable market conditions, or something else entirely?

And for those who are new to commodity trading, what advice would you... (More)

BULLDEX Trading Discussions

A dedicated space for discussing BULLDEX. Index details, intraday levels, trading ideas, support & resistance, F&O contracts, Open interest, etc. After all, it is India's first Bullion Index. Exchanging ideas, info, opinions only. Please make sure that you don't encourage... (More)