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Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX)

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Hi Jayesh, below mentioned are commodities on the MCX whose prices are strongly influenced by those of their international peers:

  • Gold (COMEX Gold)
  • Silver (COMEX Silver)
  • Crude oil (NYMEX WTI Crude oil)
  • Natural Gas (NYMEX Natural Gas)
  • Copper (LME Copper)... (More)

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1) When it comes to trading in stock market. Common people have so many resources to learn about the functioning of stock market. More over all the basic stuff is available for free on YouTube etc these days. That helps... (More)

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Gold has been a highly valued metal throughout human history. The other day I was reading up on some macro trends concerning inflations and money management and found that right from 1500BC, gold has been actually used as an economic... (More)