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Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX)

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Websocket connection for MCX live feed

Hi All,
I am trying to fetch MCX:CRUDEOIL22DECFUT using the websocket connection.
I get an empty response : res {"s":"ok","d":{"7202":[],"7208":[],"31038":[]}}
I am able to get the quotes for the same symbol but it somehow does not work on the websocket... (More)


not able to place trades in crude options

RMS:8111611317541:MCX,OPTFUT,246160,CRUDEOIL 16Nov2022 6900 CE,MARGIN,,2022 11 16 00:00:00,XS08562,B,1,M,128.4,TRANSACTIONS ARE BLOCKED FOR THIS SCRIP (GLOBAL LEVEL)


the above error is coming everytime.. till yesterday there was no problem.but today it has happened

MCX is primarily a futures exchange. Options are relatively new and the volumes are yet to pick up. The most actively traded commodity options in terms of Avg daily turnover are:

  1. Gold - 3717 Cr.
  2. Crude Oil - 565... (More)