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Mutual Fund Newsletter – January 2021

Stock markets have been on an excellent upswing since March lows and so have been the mutual fund NAV’s of most schemes. However, with investors being unsure of these liquidity-fueled moves, redemptions across equity mutual fund schemes continue unabated, for... (More)

Stock Market Newsletter – January 2021

Hypotheses are framed based on trends, and stock markets need not necessarily follow those trends to a certainty. Quoting Wikipedia, ‘January Effect’ is a hypothesis, that there is a seasonal anomaly in the financial market, where securities’ prices increase in... (More)

Mutual Fund Newsletter – December 2020

In continuation of an excellent November, December also turned out to be a good month of returns, capping a roller coaster year with wonderful gains for all investors, with Nifty 50 returning 14.9% for CY2020. Overall, different themes played out... (More)

Stock Market Newsletter – December 2020

The world started of 2020 in fine fettle, with most global stock markets rising to all-time highs in January, followed by the onset of corona virus pandemic which crashed the stock markets in March and a slew of lockdown introductions... (More)