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Stock Market Newsletter – September 2020

“Everyone has the brainpower to make money in stocks. Not everyone has the stomach.” – Peter Lynch.

For September, in line with global stock markets, Indian markets witnessed sufficient volatility. After three months of gains between Jun to Aug, Nifty50... (More)

Stock Market Newsletter – October 2020

“Whenever I see a stock market explode, six to twelve months later, you are in a full-blown recovery” – Stanley Druckenmiller.

Doesn’t seem that Stanley Druckenmiller was wrong. It took 205 days for Nifty 50 index to move from its... (More)

Stock Market Newsletter – February 2020

As part of our consistent efforts to create & nurture each Indian into becoming an informed investor, we bring you a new feature –Indian Stock Market: The Month That Was – a monthly newsletter, which provides a brief update on... (More)

Stock Market Newsletter – March 2020

Thank God, March ended finally…. A forgettable month…A regrettable year…. market cap erosion not seen in more than a decade…. These were the undesirable& unfortunate phrases, used by many investors, financial advisers and fund managers, to describe the month of... (More)