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National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)

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FINNIFTY F&O Trading Discussion

A dedicated space to discuss about FINNIFTY F&O weekly and monthly contracts, which were recently launched by NSE (on January 11, 2021). This is one of the three major NSE indices that is now available for trading. Let us keep... (More)

Introducing Single Margin Account

Amidst finding the cure for the pandemic of COVID 19 and the implementation of new margin policies of SEBI, the stock market industry has been facing a lot of heat from the trading community. To provide a breather to our... (More)

Request to have same account to trade for NSE and MCX


Can we have same account or some kind of a button to move funds from NSE trading account to MCX account as sometimes we need to keep both accounts funded even if we arent using both.



Cash segment auto which covers all nse 1700 stocks ...

Hue wish to start cash auto which covers whole nse universe thts 1700 stocks

Will screen top 200 trending stocks from whole nse universe n trade all 200 in 15 min time frame

Any suggestions

If anyone wish to join... (More)