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National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)

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I basically have survived by recognizing my mistakes.

I still remember that experience when

Fyers Web had shown 0 open positions but actually it had not closed intraday sold call options and carried them for the next day, causing a huge loss on the next day Nifty gap... (More)

The term 'best' is subjective when it comes to trading, but here are some popular net credit options strategies:

Popular options strategies for trading with a directional bias:

  1. Bull Put Spread (For a bullish view)
  2. Bear Call Spread (For... (More)

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A Indian importer suffers whenever the rupee depreciates against the counterparty currency(let's keep usd). So to solve this problem he can hedge his position by going long in usdinr pair futures.

Now if rupee depreciates his import business might suffer... (More)