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It really Depends on Volatility and IV. (IV will change based on India VIX Movement) IV and VIX can also change because of huge gap up/down.

If IV and VIX is decreasing from Friday to Monday opening definitely there will... (More)

I basically have survived by recognizing my mistakes.

I still remember that experience when

Fyers Web had shown 0 open positions but actually it had not closed intraday sold call options and carried them for the next day, causing a huge loss on the next day Nifty gap... (More)

The term 'best' is subjective when it comes to trading, but here are some popular net credit options strategies:

Popular options strategies for trading with a directional bias:

  1. Bull Put Spread (For a bullish view)
  2. Bear Call Spread (For... (More)
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Whatever be the strikes it will be settled at intrinsic value. If the underlying closes exactly at a strike price it wouldn't have any intrinsic value and becomes zero.