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Partner Platforms
Partner Platforms

As a tech-focused brokerage, we've collaborated/tied up with notable platforms and products that offer some unique value-add to our clients. Using FYERS API, clients can access their platforms & services.

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Introducing Quantsapp on FYERS!

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that we have tied up with Quantsapp, which is India's largest web and mobile-based options trading analytics platform.

Quantsapp is focused on providing Futures & Options Analytic tools, offering the widest range... (More)



Please include a 125-minute chart and a fixed-range volume profile... Dhan, a new broker, offers the same interface as Fyers and has had it since the beginning... Please fix this problem ASAP.

How to delink Fyers account from Quantsapp?

I have linked my Fyers account with quantsapp. But now i want to delink it. how do i do that?