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Penny Stocks
Penny Stocks
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Long Term Investing: Easy Speak, Difficult Work


People around us keep giving unsolicited advice that, in order to build wealth, investments have to be for the long term and stocks have to be accumulated over a time period. But, really, is it possible do the same... (More)

Rakesh S M
Techie by Profession, Trading by Passion

Why Some of the Stocks are not visible / searchable in Fyers Web Portal, however we can find the same stock in other portals like tradingview?

I have noticed the same issue many times that,


when i search for "BLSINFOTE" Stock in Tradingview Website. i can view the chart and Explore. but when i search for the same Stock in Fyers Web Tradingview portal, i... (More)

Best Performing Small Cap Stocks of 17th September 2020.

I have been tracking the performance of small cap stocks (< Rs.20,000 cr.) since the latest SEBI circular on appropriate asset allocation with regards to multi cap mutual funds.

On day 4, post the SEBI circular, these are the stocks... (More)