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FYERS breaking Sebi rules with regards to DDPI form submission.


My name is is Priyank Thakkar. I am having issues with my POA and DDPI form. I originally submitted POA on the 11th Of November. Later I was told to send DDPI as well, 15 days after your received... (More)

Hey @Virendra Shinde89 , For margins, visit our Currency Margin Calculator395. To learn about currency trading, I recommend you to study/read this module129 on the School Of Stocks. After doing this, you will get a good enough understanding of... (More)

How can Fyers be as competitive as market leader in discount brokerage firm?

Here are my few suggestions
1. 100% cash equivalency for MFs & ETFs allowed by Regulators as "Cash Equivalent" for pledging purposes. For eg. Liquid Bees. We should not require to maintain 50:50 cash to collateral balance for trading.
2.... (More)