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portfolio not showing

I bought two stocks but its not showing in my portfolio?? Why like that

Mutual Funds Update: February 2021

For Feb 2021,

AUM stood at 31.64 lakh cr vs. 30.50 lakh cr in Jan.

Net flows in Feb stood at 1843.5 cr vs. 35,586.6 cr in Jan 2021.

Best inflows (funds): Liquid, Money Market, Low duration, Multicap, Arbitrage.

Worst... (More)

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Considering the conditions laid down - stocks, aggressive, equi-weighted - a portfolio of 8 stocks can be ideal.

Parameters for framing such a portfolio:

Since it is aggressive, higher risk and higher returns are to be expected, and this automatically... (More)

Ideally 15 to 20 stocks with ratio of 60:30:10 respectively in large cap,midcap n small cap. But an agressive investor can adjust the ratio to 50:40:10.