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Q4FY21 Financial Results - April 2021


As many investors and traders might be aware, the Q4 results reason started and is already a month into it. 196 companies have declared their results in April and of them, 63 companies have given excellent results - in... (More)

Q4FY21 Best Results


It been almost 45 days since the start of the Q4FY21 results season. 196 Companies declared their results in April and 455 Companies declared their results in May till date. Of these 651 Companies, 225 Companies have declared excellent... (More)

Q4FY21 Financials of Nifty50, IT & FMCG Companies


Only 240 companies have declared their Q4 Results till 04th May. 

Sharing a collation of Nifty 50 Companies, and companies from Nifty IT and Nifty FMCG indices.




Q4FY21 Financial Results - 26/27 April 2021

27 April 2021

Based on the companies which have announced their Q4 FY21 results today, I have collated the YoY and QoQ changes in net sales and profits for a quick look.

If community members find this snapshot useful, I... (More)