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Regulators & Exchanges
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Rakesh S M
Techie by Profession, Trading by Passion

Why Some of the Stocks are not visible / searchable in Fyers Web Portal, however we can find the same stock in other portals like tradingview?

I have noticed the same issue many times that,


when i search for "BLSINFOTE" Stock in Tradingview Website. i can view the chart and Explore. but when i search for the same Stock in Fyers Web Tradingview portal, i... (More)

Unable to see Live P&L of Positional FNO Commodity....

There is no section any where in the portal where trader can see live P&L of FNO of commodity....

Also The P&L Statement one can see in the terminal is of day open and CMP.

This Needs to correction ASAP...... (More)