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School of Stocks (SoS)
School of Stocks (SoS)

School of Stocks is a comprehensive online stock market learning portal showcasing lessons with in depth coverage on Stocks, Currencies, Commodities, Futures & Options and more. 
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Advanced Trading Strategies using RSI

Today, we conducted our second webinar on RSI. We have now uploaded the recording of the webinar on our YouTube channel. In this webinar, we have spoken about advanced trading strategies using RSI, which includes:

  • Bullish and Bearish Divergence
  • Bullish... (More)

Dealing with Biases and Emotions - Part 2

In this new chapter from the Trading Psychology module on School of Stocks, we continue from where we left off in the last chapter and discuss some of the other important ways in which one can manage biases &... (More)

Chapter 8 - Order Types

Chapter 8 - Order Types
Chapter 8 - Order Types

Get an understanding of the various order types. Traders/Investors can use order types as per their requirements.

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Q3FY22 Results Season Off to a Start!

16th Jan 2022.

Q3 FY22 Results season started & 79 Co's declared results till 15h Jan 2022.

Of them,

- 37 Co's show +ve growth in Net Sales & PAT on YoY

- 19 Co's show +ve growth in Net... (More)