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Unable to see Live P&L of Positional FNO Commodity....

There is no section any where in the portal where trader can see live P&L of FNO of commodity....

Also The P&L Statement one can see in the terminal is of day open and CMP.

This Needs to correction ASAP...... (More)


Gold / Silver options

See that the GOLD options  requires huge margin around (7L if i am correct)

Are there any other Option trading instruments under MCX with lesser margin requirement? 



BULLDEX Trading Discussions

A dedicated space for discussing BULLDEX. Index details, intraday levels, trading ideas, support & resistance, F&O contracts, Open interest, etc. After all, it is India's first Bullion Index. Exchanging ideas, info, opinions only. Please make sure that you don't encourage... (More)

Silver stuck in a range

- Just like gold, silver has also been consolidating within a range

- The range in silver has gotten more and more tighter over the last few days

- For more than two weeks, silver has fluctuated within a band... (More)