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SoS Module - Risk Management
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A chart that portrays why Risk Management is so critical

Above is the weekly chart of Netflix, one of the most prominent tech-companies of the US

It is a part of the commonly abbreviated FAANG stocks

In the last 5-months, the stock has declined a whopping 70% from its... (More)

Position Sizing

In this new chapter on School of Stocks, we have covered a very critical aspect of trading: Position Sizing. We have talked about what position sizing is, why it is so critical, and also explained two position sizing strategies,... (More)

Risk & Money Management module now complete on School of Stocks

The Risk and Money Management module is now complete. In this module, we have covered the following aspects, chapter wise:

  • Basics of Risk
  • Risks that traders & investors face
  • Statistical tools to measure and quantify risk
  • Determining Entry, Stop Loss,... (More)

I am scared to trade again!

I was making good profits in Options, but for the past two days, my stoploss has been getting hit. Now 30% of my capital is gone. I am scared to trade again in options

Should I continue with my same... (More)