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Long Term Investing: Easy Speak, Difficult Work


People around us keep giving unsolicited advice that, in order to build wealth, investments have to be for the long term and stocks have to be accumulated over a time period. But, really, is it possible do the same... (More)

Nifty 50 just turned 25 years old!

India's benchmark Index NIFTY 50 helped NSE shape India's capital markets. Here are some interesting insights about the index on its Silver Jubilee year:

  1. When it began in 1995, IT sector wasn't even included in Nifty 50. Now IT represents... (More)
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Q3FY22 Results Season Off to a Start!

16th Jan 2022.

Q3 FY22 Results season started & 79 Co's declared results till 15h Jan 2022.

Of them,

- 37 Co's show +ve growth in Net Sales & PAT on YoY

- 19 Co's show +ve growth in Net... (More)