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Hey @Pradeep Sharma3,

When the inflation rate rises, speculation among investors happens across the market assuming that the prices of the shares will drop in the near future and hence they look out to sell their shares fearing a... (More)

Hey @Ashish 3,

Owning too many similar funds at a time, holding too many individual stocks, not understanding the assets that you're holding are some of the key factors to help you determine if your portfolio is over diversified or... (More)


IPOs Avg cost showing wrong

I got some Shares IPO recently, but system showing with full profit but i see  listing less than IPO price. please fix average cost should be IPO price. if sell i need to pay more tax


Unable to sell my holding, getting error

I am trying to sell my holding, getting attached error, I have selected CNC as product type.

"not allowed for the product selected (PROFILE LEVEL)". Attached the screen-shot. My user-id is XB03546 .