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Hey @Jayesh Mishra17, It's a long list. Traders pay out a lot of taxes as mentioned below.

  1. Securities Transactions Tax (STT): Applicable when you trade stocks, ETFs, F&O. STT paid can be set off against taxable income.
  2. Commodity... (More)

Hey George,

Indexation benefit is not available on LTCG for Nifty Bees ETF. LTCG is taxed in excess of 1 lakh at the rate of 10% without indexation. 

Hope this helps!

Hi George,

For equity funds, the time period for the calculation of LTCG tax rate is 1 year, if the holding period is less than one year, then it is treated as Short Term Capital Gain (STCG). LTCG is made... (More)