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Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis
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Humble Suggestions to Fyers based on my Experience after using Fyers, Upstox, Zerodha for a year.

I have been using fyers, upstock, and zerodha for 1 year and I would like to put some points. Comparison is long but worth reading for fyers team and others.

Trading Software - Fyers one Best

Web platform

  • zerodha:... (More)


DXY has given Inverse H&S breakout, a decent sign of reversal. This could mean

1) Money flowing from US to EMs can take a pause.

2) INR can depreciate which can be good for IT, Pharma and other exporters.

Mayur Raises its performance FLAG.

#MayurUniquoter. After testing its pullback levels stock is giving FLAG breakout. It is a maker of artificial leather primarily used in Car seat covers, gave a strong results and commentary for even better performance going fwd. #trading