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TradeTron is a multi asset, multi-currency, multi exchange Algo Strategy Marketplace which allows people to create algo strategies using their state of the art, patent pending, web based strategy builder.  It allows every kind of trader or investor to build algo strategies without coding to create conditions and positions which form the building blocks of an algo strategy. Once created, the same can be listed on the marketplace where people can access them and configure the strategy to place trades in your own FYERS account.
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FYERS Ties Up With Tradetron

In our ongoing efforts to make algo trading accessible to retail traders in India, we’re happy to announce that we’ve joined hands with TradeTron. We’ve synergized to help simplify the experience without having to code anything & also we’ve brought... (More)

Guys i want to learn F&O from basics where should i start from?

I've been trading in equity since last 1 year and i've been profitable most of the times.. 

Now i want to start with Future and Options, please suggest.

Is fyers api and platform like tradetron legal in India?

I have heard somewhere where it is said that fully automated trading is illegal for retail traders, there has to be a little manual intervention, is this true? And is it safe to use these platforms? 


Refund is not received after sign-up through your link to TradeTron.

@Tejas Khoday @FYERS I have signed up through your link to tradetron and subscribed the plan in June month 1000 in July 5000, and August 5000 and the refund amount still not credited to my Demat account ledger resone for... (More)