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Join FYERS Community to pick others' brains on Trading/Investing

Hey, No comments about Zerodha (I'm not aware if and how they do it) but in general, many brokerages do prop-trading. The reason we have stayed away from going down the same path is that we believe that there... (More)

Orders Getting Executed When Prices Are Not Visible On The Charts – What You Need To Know

One of the queries we are receiving is about Orders getting executed when prices are not visible on the charts. The confusion has led to a conspiracy theory among traders that have faced this dilemma that it is a kind... (More)

Your favorite features on Fyers web?

What are the features do you like in Fyers Web?


  1. SL-M execution in BO
  2. Real time Profit/loss reflection on chart
  3. Drag and Drop order modification
  4. Countdown timer
  5. Unlimited Watchlist (I guess it is unlimited)
  6. Pre defined watchlists
  7. Searching/browsing/selecting stocks... (More)