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Trading Strategies
Trading Strategies
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Trading strategies

Probably this is the simplest, but the one that could be the most rewarding, this strategy tests your patience and true grit.

This video teaches you the fundamental quality required for daytrading, patience and developing the skill to identify support... (More)

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Vishal Mehta,CMTWIZARD
Founder -

I have been trading mean reversion strategy on short side. Rules are pretty simple.

Universe : f&o stocks ( so there is on circuit limit fear)

Max position : 10

Leverage :2x

Short Rule :

C> 200 sma, RSI(2)> 50,... (More)

We calculate the 90-day Moving Average(90d MA) of the stock price and treat that as the underlying stable trend. We also calculate the 30-day Moving Average(30d MA) and can see that it zig-zags around the 90d trend. Now we can... (More)