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Trading Strategies
Trading Strategies
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Vishal Mehta,CMTWIZARD
Founder -

I have been trading mean reversion strategy on short side. Rules are pretty simple.

Universe : f&o stocks ( so there is on circuit limit fear)

Max position : 10

Leverage :2x

Short Rule :

C> 200 sma, RSI(2)> 50,... (More)

Siddhartha Kumaran
More curious than the cat!

How to identify False Breakouts?

I have been trying to learn more about breakout trading and preparing for major breakouts on the downside in the markets. My concern is that every sharp sell off is being bought into with vengeance, almost. Many potential breakouts have... (More)

Siddhartha Kumaran
More curious than the cat!

Which Indicator is the best measure of volatility?

When trading breakouts, which is a better indicator to gauge volatility. Is it better to use beta Or standard deviation? Is Average True Range any good in comparison?