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Value Investing
Value Investing
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Naresh Janagam
Full-time Learner & Part-time trader

Which one do you prefer, trading in the stock market or doing business, and why?

Long Term Investing: Easy Speak, Difficult Work


People around us keep giving unsolicited advice that, in order to build wealth, investments have to be for the long term and stocks have to be accumulated over a time period. But, really, is it possible do the same... (More)

Q4FY21 Financial Results - April 2021


As many investors and traders might be aware, the Q4 results reason started and is already a month into it. 196 companies have declared their results in April and of them, 63 companies have given excellent results - in... (More)

Q4FY21 Best Results


It been almost 45 days since the start of the Q4FY21 results season. 196 Companies declared their results in April and 455 Companies declared their results in May till date. Of these 651 Companies, 225 Companies have declared excellent... (More)