• Please Work On Stability Of The Platform - (You Guy's Are Aware Of The Problems Already) So We Don't Have To Hear From You That Press Ctrl + Shift + R, Or Clear Catch, Cookies Etc.


  • Fix Watchlist - So It Can Load Every Time Without Reloading Platform


  • Introduce GTT Order - Atleast Like Zerodha Or Better (With % SL. & Target Option)


  • Fix Backoffice + Consider Zerodha Console For Additions & Improvements (Like Equity Curve & P&L Graph)


  • Trendline/Indicator Alerts - Key Feature For Traders


  • Add News Section


  • Clean Right Click Menu From Useless Things.


  • Other Things From Zerodha Like - Nudge , Segment Activation/Deactivation Option & You Will Find Many Features.


  • The P&L Box Of Holding trade Should Not Hide After First Day From Chart. Reference Tradingview.


  • Colour Flag Watchlist - Like Tradingview.


  • Candle Close Timer For All The Given Timeframes (Not Available On Some Timeframes) also For Heikin Ashi Candle + Real Candlestick Price For Heikin Ashi = Reference Tradingview.


  • Manage Layout Drawings Option Under - Object Tree. Reference Tradingview (Using That I Can Clear My All Drawings Of All Charts)


  •  Order Notifications & Orders Should Be Cleared On Day To Day Basis. 

Ex -If I've traded Something on friday, why is it still visible on Saturday & sunday.

also Notification's Should Not Occur Every Time I Reload Or Reopen Fyers Web - Fix This Issue.


Do It in Fast & Stable Manner.,   Ticket - 528220


@Tejas Khoday @Vanshika Singh @Sounder Rajan G S