Hi everyone,

I wanted to initiate a discussion about the latency one can expect with the APIBridge. I have gone through the documentation and it has been proved via the screenshots that it is a few milliseconds. Let me start by giving you an idea of my setup :

  1. TradingView (TV) Pro account
  2. Chrome API extension
  3. APIBridge
  4. Fyers web for trading (duh!)

I do trading with following dedicated hardware :

  1. Asus vivobook 14
  2. Core i5 8th gen
  3. 8gb RAM  
  4. 512gb SSD
  5. Windows 10
  6. Broadband (50mbps constant)

With LAN or on Wi-fi, I get 2 to 3 seconds delay in order placement on Fyers web.  

e.g. BUY Signal initiated from TV at 12:15:00 will place an order at Fyers Web at 12:15:03 (3 second delay). Exit signal received at 03:00:00 from TV will exit position at 03:00:02 (02 second delay) at Fyers web.

Any suggestion on improving this delay apart from a faster internet connection is welcome. Even for a faster internet connection, what's your recommendation / experience with respect to speed needed ?

Thanks in advance!