I have tried to place a hedge order, but system is  not allowing

As per communication I received order level hedge is enabled for all users. I tried below trades in BNF today for a credit spread

  1. Buy 36500Pe -executed
  2. Sell 37000pe - order got rejected stating less margin

It was asking for 1.5 lac as margin against 25k which was shown in span calculator. 

I tried reaching customer support multiple times but calls are unanswered. Emails are not responded except some automates emails

My query is: 

1.If order level hedge is enabled for all users why I am. Not able to take sell position when I already have a buy position as mentioned above. 

2. Will fyers allow place order one by one with hedge benefit or should I place them together as a basket

Why it was not allowing with reduced margin position when I have hedge position. 

I raised a ticket already 3 days back. But no proper response. @Tejas Khoday @FYERS tkt id: 573452