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Maxis liked 8 days ago

Community Guidelines

To create a healthy environment for traders & investors to exchange knowledge and harness the benefits of the community at large, here are a few basic guidelines to follow:

  1. Be clear in your communication to help others understand you better.... (More)
Vaibhav commented 5 hours ago

You are on the order Window for selling the 14800 put option.

1 lot of Nifty = 75 units.

When you Buy options = you pay only Premium x 75.

When you Sell options = you have to provide deposit... (More)

Dumbledore replied 6 hours ago

30 day Challenge

My 30 day Challenge was completed on 6th April. so technically i sld hv got my refund on 10th April. Its still showing as yet to be computed. And support is a joke.They didnt even acknowledge my request. Do they... (More)