We desperately need both SL as well as target orders to be placed simultaneously given how this current market behaves with low liquidity conditions. Had suffered the worst ever loss because for several seconds Fyers didn't show where the price was heading and I didn't exit thinking it is just a routine pullback after breakout. Basically when we place just a target sell order, we can't place another trigger SL order because the application treats it as options selling and expects us to have ridiculously high margins, thanks to SEBI. 
Given its been highlighted multiple times that the prices and chart info don't get updated on Fyers web, can't we have BO enabled for options? For futures we already have this feature. No option will head to both a higher and lower price simultaneously nor is there a threat of it getting partially filled before reversing to SL leading to some peak margin issues. During opening hours, option prices rise rapidly due to panic short covering and before we even realise, it crashes down by several rupees. 
I am sure those who trade in (eg) Tata Motors would have observed this in particular that your MTM might have shown 20k, even 40k for seconds before coming down to 0 or even negative.