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Can I pledge shares from my Demat A/C with a different broker in favor of FYERS to avail margin benefit to trade?

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Tejas Khoday
Tejas Khoday FYERS Team

Hey @Praveen, Yeah it's possible but kinda unnecessary. It's easier to just pledge your holdings directly from your FYERS Demat account. It saves a lot of time, effort & unnecessary hassles. Preferably, if you have holdings in your Demat account with another brokerage account, it's better to shift them to your FYERS account and pledge them through us. However, if you are unable or unwilling to do that for whatsoever reason, here's how it works:

  1. It is possible for the client to pledge his/her holdings held in another Demat A/C with a different broker in favor of FYERS Margin Pledge A/C (If the other broker is willing). Since your Demat POA is in favor of that broker, they'll need to be involved to make this happen.
  2. Once the shares are marked as pledged in our favor, we'll activate your pledge & provide margins after applying an appropriate haircut.
  3. Note that the pledged securities will continue to remain in the Demat account held with the other broker despite being pledged in favor of FYERS because it is merely earmarked in our favor and doesn't move out of your account until invocation in the event of a margin call (In case you're not sufficiently capitalized).  

For simplicity's sake, I recommend you avoid this process altogether and go through the standard process of pledging with us (POA Accounts). Non-POA (e-DIS) Demat account holders will not be able to pledge holdings. For more information, read this article. However, we're working on making it possible. 

Hope this clarifies. 


I would like to pledge securities for margin pledge this way (though for some time)..

Now can you clear some doubts running in my mind


  1. Should I inform you before a I pledge, if yes, how?
  2. What are the margin pledge demat account details of fyers where they need to be pledge, Kindly provide a link to the support page where these details are mentioned as it is a security issue.
  3. What is the time line..

Kindly reply ASAP.

Siddi Saliha
Siddi Saliha

Hi @Yashoda Bommanalli @Vanshika Singh @Vanshika Singh , Can you also let us know the procedure , to transfer the mutual funds and shares from other broker to Fyers demat account.

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