On a broad definition that is generally made available, these as proprietary trading enterprises vs individual traders.

Also, we are taught that the CLIENT positions in the eod reports are losing positions, so we need to trade against these positions.

But recently, on YouTube videos we see many successful individuals, trading proprietary level  positions worth crores through their individual trading accounts, which I assume might be CLIENT positions in the context of the above info we already have. If this is correct, we can't go by the general rule that the positions of these individuals that gets categorized under CLIENT are also losing positions.

To get the knowledge right for those who are seeking it, @Tejas Khoday we need your expertise insights on this.

1) Who classifies these trading accounts as Pro or Client, is it the exchange or the stockbroker or the account holder themselves?

2) What criteria does the stockbroker or exchange use to tag the account as client or pro, is it the

  1. Threshold of trading funds in the accounts.
  2. Turnover or something else.
  3. Or how the entity is incorporated, llp, pvt. company vs sole individual.