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how to roll over the option for next week,

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Easy man
Easy man

No you cannot carry forward options. As the name suggests expiry, the option contracts matures on the duration expiry.

Using rollover one can do so, rollover involves carrying forward of futures positions from one series, which is nearing expiry date, to the next one. On expiry, traders can either let a position lapse or enter into a similar contract expiring at a future date. Rollovers happen only in futures and not in options.

You can take rollover position in options but it will not be as useful as futures rollover.

You will pay around 1% as premium for rollover of future position.

But the price of an option itself is a premium. If Nov month option position expires worthless, you can rollover by buying December month options. But we need to pay the full premium again. We will not receive any money from the expired OTM option.

George Roper
George Roper

You have to manually close your current open positions and open fresh positions on the expiry you need.

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