After working with FYERS for about a year I am grateful for the platform it provides to scale up. But lately the tech issues have been mounting up one upon another, last week my holdings disappeared(could not sell if I wanted to), this week my positions disappeared(appeared 15 mins before market open time), then 22L worth of holdings were unpledged out of nowhere and the margin was removed from my account, could not take the positions my system required me to take. Contacting support is definitely one way to solve things but when things like these happen, the damage is already done by the time the support responds with a "we have forwarded this and you'll receive a response in 24-48 hours"

I feel there's a lot of things FYERS can work on, but the need of the hour is to work on reliability of your systems and tech, everything else can wait. If I don't know what's going to happen to my money or positions tomorrow, that's actually more stressful than a massively oversized position. One small suggestion is to stop returning the brokerage and instead using the funds to improve the reliability of the platform. The idea is nice, I have won the challenge 5 times so far but honestly I'd choose a reliable platform over the money like any trader who trades seriously with a decently sized capital. Hope you see my POV. Thanks.

@Tejas Khoday