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Uday Kumar
Trader for income, Investor for wealth
Asked a question 2 years ago

As per Fyers support team, the Mutual Funds (Non-Demat) can not be transferred to Fyers through conversion form now. Could you please share how can we transfer them to Fyers through Online process.

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Hey @Uday Kumar21,

If Mutual Funds are in Non-Demat form, then the first step in order to transfer your funds to Fyers Direct would be to dematerialize your mutual fund investments. 

We have a dedicated Support Article on How to Dematerialize the Mutual Funds in Fyers. 127You can check that out. 

Once the funds are dematerialized, it will be visible in your holdings. 

The later process is simple. You have to ask your existing broker where your funds are kept for a DIS slip, mention the units which you wish to transfer. Attach the CMR of your FYERS Demat (CMR copy will be mentioned in your welcome email) along with the DIS slip and send it to your broker. 

The estimated time is usually 24-48 hours, however, the said time might differ from broker to broker. Also, the Demat process differs from broker to broker, so make sure to check with your broker first. 

PS: You can transfer your Mutual Funds online if they're in Demat form. Howbeit, the dematerialization process will be offline. 

Hope this addresses your query!