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Asked a question last year

At present I am trading with zerodha. Due to the 50:50 collateral condition, I am planning to move to another broker preferably FYERS. I found that your auto square off time is 3:15 where as zerodha allows us to hold mis order till 3:25(incase of f&o). As per NSE Approved securities list, INE053F07686,INE053F07843,INE651J07580,INE651J07655,INE557F07108,INE906B07DE1,INE848E07526,INE848E07534,INE733E07JW2,INE134E07588,INE020B07JU4,INE020B07HP8 these TAX FREE BONDS ISIN no.'s are accepted as collateral/pledge. But as per your list, I do not find any of these. Since I have a considerable value of these, can you please include them. @Vanshika Singh

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Hi @Rajesh12,

After taking into account of various risk parameters, the Intraday timing is set at 3:15 PM. However, we will reconsider this in the future.

With regards to the Tax-free bonds, your feedback is noted and we'll communicate the same with our team and see if it can be added to the pledge list in the near future.