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Asked a question 2 months ago

How can you calculate and place a stop loss to your open positions?

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Stop loss depends from induvial to induvial. To make you understand more easier lets understand by taking an example. 

Now lets assume, you are trading in stocks. That means you are eligible for leverage upto 5X. 

Now depending on your total amount, you take a risk depending on you. Now if you are trading with ₹1,00,000. Then your risk should not be more than 5% i.e., ₹5,000. If your total capital is 10,000 then your risk should not exceed more than ₹500 per trade. Now you should keep your stoploss depending on your strategy you follow. Keep on mind if your stop loss gets hit 3 times in a row then stop trading for the day. Make this a pattern that you follow!

Now if you trade in F&O, that means you are ready to take risk because they are high volatile.

Placing a stoploss in F&O is always difficult, due to heavy volatility. Here too the risk is depending on your strategy. But keep in mind not to look more than 5% of your capital in a trade.