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Asked a question 5 months ago

How to enhance my price action skills as a price action trader?

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You'll have to develop an 'eye' for it, and it's probably the most challenging thing to do today, considering the sheer distractions out there. The only way is by concentrating on the way prices move. Yes, it sounds weird, but you will need to stare at the prices and observe minute patterns that can give off signals to trade intraday. We were trained to do this at a prop firm, and initially, I thought it was hocus pocus, but then the senior traders made a lot of money by taking successful trades just by observing price action. It is possible but rather difficult to do because of algos and whatnot. 

From my personal experience let me try to help you with the way I learned this, basically you need to watch the market like an eagle (bird). Then you need to understand what is happening inside the candle. Then, find out the patterns such as Trend lines, Inside bar, Trend following breakout entry, and Head & shoulders reversal trade. Once your master those, by doing it every day. You will have to have a very good Risk to Reward ratio. At least 1:2, because if you are wrong then you will another change to be wrong just one good trade will recover both losses. Once you start making profits, you will know the enhancement in you. Try out 30 days challenge its fun.... Thanks ;)

By back testing, forward testing and with experience in market we will  be able to upscale the price action skill.