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Asked a question last year

Is Fyers trying to make FUN of investors? Sovereign Gold Bonds are mentioned as pledge-able securities in Fyers site. While pledge is successful at CDSL, end of day they are auto unpledged without any reason. Support personal says their clearing house does not accept pledge. Why is there an inconsistency in information vs actual?

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Hi @Raju Subramaniam

Currently, we are accepting  Sovereign Gold Bonds for the pledge as we recently got our clearing member license. It was discontinued earlier as our then clearing member didn't accept the same for pledging. However, you will not face any issues with respect to this in the future. Hope this clarifies and if you have any queries on pledging, reach out to our support.


Hey @Raju Subramaniam31,

We do not accept SGBs as our RMS policies don't allow our clients to buy and sell in that series of scrips. Only the scrips which are allowed to be bought & sold on our platform can be pledged.

Hope this addresses your query!