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Asked a question last year

Is there a way to automate options strike selection in API Bridge ? For example, if I get SELL alert on NIFTY then I want to place two orders automatically. One order to sell NIFTY FUT at Market price and and second order to buy CALL Option which 5% deep-away from ATM. Vice-versa for BUY alert from TV. And Order type is positional, NOT intraday. Is this possible?

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Hi, Yes your requirement is possible via Fyers APIBridge.  

You can code in pinescript for dynamic strike selection for 5% band. For coding guide, refer here .  

Refer this sample strategy using dynamic option strike selection

Once you are getting proper strikes buy/sell signals from TradingView, you can place orders via appropriate settings in APIBridge, without any predefined option strikes. Refer: Bypassing Symbol Settings – Only for Advanced Users

For positional trading, the only change required is changing product type from MIS to NRML(delivery). Refer

In case you need help in pinescript coding, try 200+ developers at

Hope this solves your query.