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Asked a question 3 months ago

Sir, I'm posting about this bug 2nd time. I'm completely annoyed and frustrated with this issue. Kindly solve it as soon as possible. previously I also posted similar issue. But I didn't get reply as expected. Even your team member said it's looking right at there end. But, I also mentioned in that post, this kind of issue is happening after market closure and he was showing me live market chart. And I replied in that comment also for the same. But no response further. Similar issue. I'm facing again. Kindly don't give same reply. and look it after market closure and check. I have not free time to waste your time. I'm facing issue that's why I'm posting here. Kindly, don't disappoint me anymore with this kind of service.

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Hi @Aman kr. Yadav5,

We're sorry for the unpleasant experience with us. Requesting you to raise a ticket at support@fyers.in7. Our team will get it checked ASAP!

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