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Asked a question 2 years ago

@Tejas Khoday, It's regarding the margin money required for placing SL order and target order for one open buy position. Fyers support team takes 5-6 days even to reply hence asking here. The reply given by support team is this "In Intraday(MIS) orders, if you are placing both SL and Target at the same time, yes an extra margin is required for either of the SL or Target and if you place any one i.e SL or Target, then no extra margin is required. " There is one thread on zerodha by Mr. Nitin Kamath where he explains the logic of having some positive balance and not full balance margin for placing 2 exit orders (one for stoploss and one for target) after placing the first order. Would be grateful to you if you can go through the thread mentioned below. URL: Last week, I mailed zerodha customer care also. They reiterated the logic mentioned in above thread and told me that this logic is still valid and applicable for intraday equity ie you need to have some positive balance for placing the third order and not complete margin for the third order. If that is the case, why fyers is charging complete margin for third order where as Zerodha says that no full margin is required but a trader needs to have positive balance only. kindly reply. I sent this query to support team on 13/8/2021, no reply till date. Hence sent one more reminder and asking here as well.

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Hey @Gaurav Kumar18,

The mechanism is not available in Fyers yet. Hence, only one counter order can be placed as of now.

However your feedback is duly noted. We'll communicate this with the team and see if it can be done in the upcoming versions.