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Asked a question 2 years ago

Traders Community- such a beautiful initiative by Fyers. But, why such a lackluster response? A few are on regular roll-call. Why not more to help to increase our trading knowledge?

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The first thing is documentation which is provided clearly so that one can easily solve initial problems but if in rare cases if the problem can't be solved then the forum can be helpful like bugs in the software or terminal, having API issues...etc. Generally, once forum is created people like us to be active and help others by sharing our knowledge but during market hours its not possible and aftermarket hours we feel tired. Also fyers support will be busy during market hours and they are available till 7:00PM  I feel so its not possible for everyone. So those who are doing algotrading or people like us need spend sometime daily so that beginners can learn many things and contribute to the forum. This is just my opinion.