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Asked a question last year

URGENTLY Need following info: (1) After creating an OPTION BUY/SELL with Order, and what should be my Order creation choices (Regular+Intraday or Regular+Margin or BO, what else LIMIT or SL-L) , then how to set Profit and Loss EXITs with LIMITS in 1 or more orders ? (2) When PROFIT hits first , then the other order LOSS EXIT on the same OPTION BUY/SELL should get cancelled, and vice-versa. Both the orders i.e. PROFIT EXIT or LOSS EXIT should not ask for any more margin amount. I hope you get the ask. If you think I have missed anything please put those details as well from your end to provide as much as details you can.

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Hey @Rana HS18,

  1. For creating an Option Buy/Sell with Order, you can opt for either Intraday or Margin. BO has been blocked by the Exchange for Options.
  2. This is not possible as BO is blocked. Hence, it will ask for the additional margin. 

We have posted the same on the our Notice Board23. You can check out same. 

Hope this addresses your query!