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Asked a question last year

We're enthralled as we embark on our new journey to make a #FreshStart. What do you think we're coming up with?🧐 Share your thoughts with us and get a chance to win brokerage points worth ₹200. 🤩

This question has a reward worth 200 Reward Points from FYERS and is in decision making phase!

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I basically have survived by recognizing my mistakes.

Eagerly waiting for #FreshStart 😍

  1. FnO Data Feed - Which doesn't lag
  2. Basket Order - Which shows required margin
  3. Watchlist - Which gets loaded in the first go without any annoying message popup
  4. Price Alert - Which works as expected without a single miss in real-time
  5. Realised/Unrealised Profit Calculation - Calculations which are bug free
  6. Instant Orders Placement - Which works for placing SL for Index Options
  7. Latest Trading View Features - Get all the TV features that are available in the latest version of Trading View but missing on Fyers since ages
  8. Backend Reports - Which makes ITR filing easy
  9. Infrastructure Upgrade -  Which ensures the services doesn't get hung and demands for a server restart
  10. 30Day Availability Challenge - Which proves there was not a single issue through-out the last 30 days on Fyers Web or Mobile App
  11. Owning Up Technical Glitches - Which ensures the client loss will be refunded, if it occurred just due to unavailability of Fyers infrastructure or application
Sujit Chakraborty
Active Option Writer and Long Term Investor

Fyers is going to come up with some amazingly astonishing features which only super humans can understand. Other than these amazing features, a basic feature like GTT which Zerodha already provides will likely get implemented.

I do remember that I had posted a message on this community suggesting FYERS to adopt ZERO BASE BUDGETING-style completely new approach towards their business, policies, platforms so that glitches, problems coming everyday can minimised and customer experience can be maximised. But they had DELETED the post. But happy to see them adopting #FreshStart.

You never make it clear on how do you decide the winner!

Hoping that with #FreshStart you will interact or communicate with more clarity.

1) Fresh UI.
2) Swift customer support.
3) More rewards for loyal customers.

4) Upgradation of your services quality.

5) Advertising campaign.

I don't know about anything and I don't even want to guess it, I just wish that with this fresh start you will remove CMCHARGES from MCX

#FRESHSTART could be something in lines of introducing interest on idle trading funds or partnering with a bank or an in house NBFC for easy loans against shares in Fyers Demat.

If the question was asking for suggestions on FreshStart, To start with, these 200 rupee reward points makes fyers looks cheap and stingy, need to raise the stakes of these forum rewards. A coffee at Starbucks costs well more than this 200 rupee reward. For 200 rupee reward you wont get any inputs or participation from people with brighter ideas. A participation reward should be big enough to make a difference in the winners pockets and not something that is not worth the time or not worth sharing an important opinion publicly. 


In my opinion #freshstart are :-

1)you developed your team skills

2)you developed your web interface as market demand and also have an edge of world class

best charts and best trading platform.

3)inhance your client security  and smooth system which never lags

4)providing free platform and free knowlege to everyone that an investor/trader want.

5)most important you are come  with an revolution in share market field and tyeup with many website which can serve your clients very good service for free.

  1. Security lending and borrowings
  2. Ncd

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