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Asked a question 2 years ago

When will be e-DIS / TPIN Feature be available on Fyers platform which indirectly replaces the need of POA ?

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Hey @Sujeeth Moolya41 @A S40 @Karfin Trader39, E-DIS will be implemented soon. We're gunning for this month. Yes, it will eradicate the need for a POA. We wanted to do it sooner and were one of the first few brokers to start testing the CDSL APIs but took a backseat as they had a lot of refinements to make. Now it's more stable so we're going to do it. 


Hey Sujeeth,

E--DIS has been implemented. Kindly go through this "Demat Account Without POA202" blog for more information on how E-DIS works. @Chandra30 

Hope this helps!

I am always as a learner

It will be available soon.