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Asked a question 6 months ago

Which are the best indicators used for Intraday trading?

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VWAP Indicator I'm using to identify the actual trend.

Keep calm and trade on.

Moving averages is what I prefer to use for intraday. It helps to find out the direction of the current market trend and also provides information about the market's momentum and the reversal of movements. 

Hi Nikhil,

Everyone will be having their own sets of indicators to follow in intraday trading. You need to figure out combination of which indicators work best with your strategy. However, I would like to share some of the indicators which works great in my intraday trading.

 1. RSI

2. Parabolic Sar

3. Bollinger Band.

4. Moving Averages. 


Vwap along with BB in 30 min time frame is the best indicator for intraday

I have seen people using many indicators  VWAP, CPR Indicator , Bollinger Band ,EMA. Each have different risk reward and win rate, I would say the best indicator is a personal choice based on our risk tolerance ( There are people making crores with low win rate strategies - its because they have a high risk reward and of course large corpus of money with them). Try out different indicators select the one that give peace of mind and understand its a game of probability

5 MA - Moving average is the best