I am facing a frustating experience with Fyers support over the last 2 weeks.

All of this started with an email from Mustaq - a compliance team member from FYERS asking me to update my financial information by sharing the latest income proof (ITR acknowledgement or bank statement etc.) to support@fyers.in else my account would be suspended (dated 3rd Jan).

I replied (ccing support) with a copy of the latest ITR acknowledgement and requested for confirmation of the receipt and that their records are updated successfully (on 7th Jan).

Post this, the support team and Mushtaq have been in complete state of confusion / lack of coordination. Support team replied back to me on 11th asking "We request you to kindly confirm the details to be updated."  This is completely surprising, since the request was made by Fyers and i responded with the requested document proof. 

I have tried explaining this to them but there's no resolution so far. Even called the contact center where was i assured this would be updated by 16th but i've not recd any clear confirmation yet.

Honestly this shows the confusion, lack of coordination and poor support service. And it seems like a pattern especially with the email support team which usually doesnt understand the issue at hand and replies with standard responses.

Can someone from fyers team look into this pls? Cannot afford to continue wasting my time in this manner. @anshikasharma4567   @FYERS